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China Crushing Equipment manufacturers The 2-roller crusher is also called the double roll crusher. It uses two motors to drive the two rollers to squeeze and grind the material. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with various compressive strengths 鈮?60 MPa. 鈱?Feeding size 鈱嬶細鈮?0 mm 鈱?Production capacity 鈱嬶細5-50 t/h 鈱?Application range 鈱嬶細Suitable for fine crushing operations in industrial sectors such as coke, mineral processing, cement, chemicals, refractories, silicates, glass, abrasives, ceramics, fertilizers, and building materials. 鈱?Applicable material 鈱嬶細Coke, coal, vermiculite, pebbles, calcite, quartz, glass, marble, bentonite, bluestone, steel slag, limestone, weathered sand, granite, basalt, etc. Outstanding advantages 路 Low over-grinding rate and good grain size It adopts combined crushing, not impact and striking, and does not cause secondary crushing. The over-grinding rate is extremely low. Once the center distance of the two rollers is adjusted, it will be fixed. The material will be rigidly broken in an instant, with almost no re-break, to ensure even granulation. 路 Simple structure and long service life The modular structure of the equipment can be installed separately according to the needs of the site, or it can be combined and installed for easy lifting and overhaul. The standardized modular combination tooth plate is more interchangeable and versatile, which greatly reduces the replacement period of the tooth plate and reduces the running cost. Equipment composition The 2-roller crusher is mainly composed of the roller, frame portion, pressing and adjusting device, and transmission device. Working principle When the 2-roller crusher is working, the crushed material falls between the two rollers through the feeding port, and is squeezed and crushed, and the finished material naturally falls. In the case of hard or unbreakable objects, the rollers of the 2-roller crusher can be automatically retracted by the action of the hydraulic cylinder or the spring, so that the gap of the roller is increased, and the hard or unbreakable objects are dropped, thereby protecting the machine from damage. The two rollers that rotate in opposite directions have a certain gap, and the gap can be changed to control the maximum discharge size of the product. The 2-roller crusher utilizes a pair of counter-rotating round rolls, and the four roller crusher utilizes two pairs of counter-rotating round rolls for crushing operations. We promise 1. Pre-sales service, actively provide technical data support for customers, free to provide program design and investment quotation estimates. 2. Provide customers with tailor-made global transportation arrangements to ensure safe and fast delivery of goods. 3. Regularly return visits to all users to track product usage, ensure that equipment is in optimal working order, and help customers achieve maximum


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